Supporting Internet Research through the Vietsch Foundation

The Vietsch Foundation has been enabling innovative projects that benefit research and education since its inception in 2014. Details of the most recently funded projects can be found at

The Foundation makes grants to support preliminary studies or prototyping that provide proof of concept for ideas that show promise and might lead to the development of an innovative product or service. 

When selecting proposals the Trustees look for projects that would likely result in enduring value to the research and education community. All results from the projects are made freely available, either in the public domain or under an appropriate open source licence.

As the Vietsch Foundation is registered as a charity with the Dutch Tax Authorities, donors may be able to offset their donation against income/profit for tax purposes depending on their local tax regulations. Regardless of whether this facility applies, your donation will bring the prestige of providing valuable support for research and education.

If you would like to discuss the benefits and procedures for donating to the foundation or co-financing future projects, please send an enquiry to our email address: We will then arrange for a telephone call or video conference to discuss the possibilities further.

The Vietsch Foundation 

The Foundation was created in 2014 in memory of Karel Vietsch former Secretary General of the Trans-European and Research Education Networking Association (TERENA) with an endowment from his estate. The work of the Foundation is managed through a volunteer board of Trustees It is a charitable not-for-profit organisation registered in the Netherlands. Its objective is promoting research and development of advanced Internet technology for scientific research and higher education.

Postal Address: c/o Broekweg 125, 3131 HD Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

Tax Identification Number (RSIN): 853821690 

Chamber of Commerce Number (KvK-nummer): 60235861