AppIntMeet Project

Funded in 2023 –

The project developed an innovative way to embed external tools into eduMEET, a web-conferencing tool created by the GÉANT community. eduMEET has proven itself as a secure alternative to tools like Zoom or WebEx, in that it is based on WebRTC and users do not need to install additional software. The AppIntMeet solution allows a participant with the appropriate rights, to open an external webpage for all participants. The webpage appears as a separate box within the eduMEET layout, just like screen sharing. All participants can immediately interact with the external platform. Each participant can decide, if to full screen the tool or work in the eduMEET layout, seeing all videos while working in the tool. The project result allows all participants to immediately interact with the chosen external tool without leaving the videoconferencing window. The  AppIntMeet extension offers wide flexibility, allowing to open online tools like whiteboards, polls, doodles, etc.