Sergi Figuerola

Member of the Board of Trustees

   Sergi Figuerola serves as the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at
i2CAT since May 2013. He holds an MSc and a PhD in Telecommunication
Engineering from the Theory and Signal Communications department of the
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Additionally, Dr. Figuerola
completed the Program for Management Development (PDG-2019) at IESE Business
School and obtained a Master's degree in Project Management from La Salle
(Universitat Ramon Llull - URL).

He also holds positions as a Board Member of the Spanish Digital
Association, AMETIC, and the Catalan Telecom association,
Within i2CAT, he provides leadership to various strategic transversal roles
and oversees the nine R&D areas. Over the past two decades, Dr. Figuerola
has fulfilled pivotal roles in research projects, having served as Project
Coordinator three times, such as in the 5GCity 5GPPP H2020 project, and
Technical Manager in the FP7 GEYSERS project among others. He has
participated in more than 50 peer reviewed scientific papers, acted as TPC
from different conferences (i.e. OFC), ICT projects reviewer, chair of
working groups and speaker and moderator in several conferences . His
primary research interests lie in the domains of 5G/6G, Next Generation
Internet, New Space, and Open Innovation.