Victor Reijs

Member of the  Board of  Trustees

Victor Reijs retired in 2021 and has a long track record working for KPN Telecom Research, SURFnet, HEAnet and SIDN. He was involved in many networking technologies and services from earlier alternatives for IPv6 to  development and operation of X.25, IP, ATM, optical links and point-to-point services. He was instrumental to national and international developments on Network as a Service (NaaS/SDN) and clouds in the Netherlands and Ireland, and in GÉANT. He contributed to study and development of alternative protocols, such as SCION, RINA and NDN as part of the 2STiC (Security, Stability and Transparency in inter-network Communication) program of SIDN.

Victor studied electrical engineering (BEng, 1977) at Avans University, microwave technology at University Twente (MSc, 1983) and cultural astronomy at University of Wales TSD (MA CAA, 2015). In 2022 he successfully passed the traditional wind miller exam.