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Promoting research and development of advanced Internet technology for scientific research and higher education


The Vietsch Foundation will award a Medal of Honour on an annual basis.

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The Vietsch Foundation was created by Willem Karel Vietsch (1952-2014) through his last will and testament. The foundation was established on the day of his death, the 23th of February 2014.

Karel was very involved in the Internet community. He spent a large part of his life working in the area of research and education networking, which he help developing with his energy, creativity and thorough methodical approach. Sadly, his early death, put a stop to Karel's mission to support people and new developments, therefore he created the Vietsch Foundation, with the official objective of promoting "research into and development of advanced technology for scientific research and higher education”, in the widest sense.

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Postal Address: c/o Broekweg 125, 3131HD Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

Tax Identification Number (RSIN): 853821690

Chamber of Commerce Number (KvK-nummer): 60235861

Latest News Releases

The Vietsch Foundation awards the 2024 Medal of Honour to Christian Grimm. The recipient of the 2024 medal of honour of the Vietsch Foundation is Christian Grimm, Chief Executive Officer of DFN, the research and education networking (NREN) organisation of Germany. The medal was presented to Christian on 13 June 2024, during an award ceremony at the closing plenary of TNC 2024, the leading European networking conference organised by GÉANT. The medal is awarded annually to people who have made … read more

Funded in 2024 – The project is an interactive online environment using a virtual set to to simulate audiovisual learning and creation processes. The environment consists of a virtual TV studio with three sets, to interactively manage lighting and filming schemes, based on the following functionality/usability scenario: five users with Quest 3 virtual reality glasses take on the roles of cinematographer, director, and three camera operators. Each user occupies the space through an avatar that allows them to move through … read more