The Foundation

Mission and Activities

The mission of the Vietsch Foundation is to promote research and development of advanced Internet technology for scientific research and higher education.

The Vietsch Foundation fulfills its goals in two ways.

  • It can contribute funding to specific research and development projects that demonstrate potential value to progress European and global research and education networking.
  • Each year it awards a medal of honour to people who contributed to the development of a service, technology or approach that will be of lasting value to the research and education networking community and its users.

Statutes, Activity Reports and Board Remuneration Policy

  • Vietsch Foundation Statutes (in Dutch)
  • Activity Reports
  • The members of the board do not receive any remuneration, either directly or indirectly. They may receive reimbursements for costs incurred for the foundation business as documented in the foundation’s annual accounts. Board members do not receive any other compensation or holiday pay.

The Vietsch Foundation was created by Willem Karel Vietsch (1952-2014) through his last will and testament. The foundation was established on the day of his death, the 23th of February 2014.

Board of trustees

Valentino Cavalli
Valentino CavalliChairman of the Board of  TrusteesRead More
Lígia Ribeiro
Lígia RibeiroMember of  the Board of  TrusteesRead More
Kathleen Shearer
Kathleen ShearerMember of  the Board of  TrusteesRead More
John Dyer
John DyerSecretary of the Board of Trustees Read More
Antoinette Vietsch
Antoinette VietschTreasurer of the Board of  TrusteeRead More
Andrew Cormack
Andrew CormackMember of the Board of   TrusteesRead More