The Internet provides an environment in which new ideas, technologies and projects emerge and develop very fast. From time to time the need arises for work to be carried out in a short timeframe (months rather than years), that is of great value to European research and education networking, but that cannot be done on the basis of volunteer effort while, for example, regular project financing mechanisms are too slow or bureaucratic to offer a solution.

This can, for example, be the production of a software package, a survey report or a study report. In such circumstances the Vietsch Foundation can intervene by providing funding at short notice. In addition to the Foundation, other organisations may also provide funding for the same piece of work.

Individual experts or organisations are eleigible for funding, with the only limitation that the organisation Karel used to work with, TERENA or it successors and affiliated organisations, cannot receive money from the Foundation. However, co-funding can be provided for projects that receive TERENA’s funding as well.


If a proposal with the necessary information has been received by the Foundation, advice is asked of independent experts in the field concerned. Based on the advice and on good commonsense, the board of the Foundation decides about the request for funding of projects. The time necessary for the procedure depends on the project. If necessary, decisions can be taken quickly, i.e. within a month after a proposal with all necessary information has been received.

Proposals should be sent by email to:

The decision of the board is final. Discussions about the decisions of the board is not possible.

eligibility-criteria for project funding

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