The Vietsch Foundation awards a Medal of Honour on an annual basis.

Who will be eligible to be awarded the next Vietsch Foundation Medal of Honour?

The Medal of the Vietsch Foundation is awarded annually to honour people whose initiatives led to a lasting organisational set-up or a service that is of great value to the research and education community.

Eligible are demonstrable, sustainable achievements in the set-up of a new organisation or service that help accellerating innovation in support of science research and higher education. The Medal can be awarded to the innovators as well as to those who have built on that innovation and made it sustainable. In case of proven collaboration, the Medal can be assigned also to different individuals involved in the process.

Nominating people who you consider are worthy recpients of the medal:

Send an e-mail explaining the reasons that you find the proposed candidate worthy of such an award to:

Medal award 2019
Medal award 2019The 2019 Medal of Honour was awarded to Claudio Allocchio, senior technical officer for advanced applications and security at GARR, for the demonstratRead More
Medal award 2018
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Medal award 2017
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Medal award 2016
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Medal award 2015
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